You can start a web development company in India with your team by promoting yourself on the web because most businesses are going online in search of targeted leads and customers. You can create an attractive, responsive, dynamic, or static website including blogs for which they can pay you a good amount of money. 

So, in this guide, we are going to know how to start a web development company in India with high ticket and profitable clients.

We will also cover how you can use some of the existing platforms to promote yourself in front of your clients.

So, let’s get started.

How To Start A Web Development Company In India (Beginner’s Guide)

As mentioned earlier the web development business in India is increasing day by day which means there is going to be great competition in the market. The most important thing is to survive in this competition.

You should understand first that you are not going to get a lot of money from the first days and everything is going to be difficult but you should not demotivate and continue building your business.

The website development business is a free business that can be started with zero or little investment. You can grab this golden opportunity to start a web development company in India. 

To start a web development business, you will need a portfolio website in the initial days with some website demos, design, and content in it which will let your clients know how experienced you are and what value they are going to get from you.

But before that, you must clear all the below-mentioned steps so that you do not stick in the middle of your website development business journey.

#1. Clear The Basics Of the Web Development

The first thing is to clear the basics of website development. There is no way to start a website development company until you know how you can create an amazing website.

The website design and structure are based on the client’s needs. Some prefer static websites while others prefer dynamic websites. You should know how you can create both types of websites.

You can also hire a website developer who can develop the website on your behalf and you can pay a commission to him which will allow you to earn money without doing much in the website development business.

But, if you are serious and want to take this business to the next level then you should clear all the basics, some of the programming languages like Java, C++, or Python. 

You can use WordPress to create attractive websites with a responsive mobile version of the pages easily.

In the online world, around 64 million websites are made on the WordPress platform

#2. Master The Right Skill and Platform

No matter whether it is a small business, local business, or a big multinational business, everybody wants profit in the business and they will require a website for sure.

Jack of all trades and master of none is not acceptable in the business, so if you want to take your website development business in India to a good level then you will have to master a skill.

So, if you have master an easy and great time-saving skill then you are ready to go with your website development business in India.

If you do not know the basics of website development then WordPress can be a great way to start a website development business.

The reason is, in India people want everything quick and perfect and time is the money in the online world.

For example, the website is designed in such a way that the people stay as long as possible so they can earn more money through advertisement.

It is an easy and comfortable platform for those who are not familiar with the coding and the designing stuff but want to start a website business in India.

If you are a newbie and do not know anything about it then you should read this: How to start a web design business with no experience

This will help you to clear all the doubts that you must be facing as a beginner.

You should know how you can approach them and in case you are a beginner then also you can start a website design business with no experience at all.

#3. Start Building Your Online Presence

Once, you are done with the basics and it’s time to sell your skills online and profit from them.

It can be advantageous for you if you are a programmer, website developer or have a team who can develop amazing and responsive websites.

You can use different ways to start building your presence online in website development in India and these methods are divided into Free and Paid methods. 

You can create your personal portfolio website where you can show the clients what your working skill is and what kind of websites you can offer them.

“No one cares how much you know, the only thing clients want is a great website that can bring sales to their business.” 

This is why always focus on providing value instead of showing what courses and degrees you have completed.

Give them solid proof of your experience with the portfolio websites and the demo sites.

#4. Approach to the Clients For Web Development Service

Before you approach any clients make sure you have some demo which you can show them. 

This will increase the chance to get the work from those clients, it will be amazing if you have your blog and portfolio site.

In the initial days, you would not have any testimonials and this is why very few people are going to trust your skills and this is where your personal website is going to help you a lot.

This will be solid evidence that you can create amazing responsive websites which can bring leads and customers to them.

You can use fake testimonials on starting days but make sure you update them once you start getting clients. 

I know, it sounds like you are cheating your clients but trust me you are just proving to them you are an excellent website developer and you can give them what they are looking for. 

Also, you are giving them a well-developed website with mobile-friendly and other features that they are looking for and you are not cheating with them so it is alright to have some fake testimonials.

If you don’t find it right then you can develop some websites for your friends or family members who can pay you and give their opinion which will work as a great starting testimonial.

Also, I will advise you to work with a high-paying client rather than going with the client who pays you low for the same amount of work.

The price that you need to fix is completely based on your experience and the time that you are going to put in it.

#5. Run Ads To Reach High Paying Clients

Advertising is an old will promoting yourself to your audience and customers and digital ads are doing a great job in it.

In India, there are so many different platforms such as Google Yahoo, bing Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms which you can, think of where you can run Ads.

The reason why I am suggesting you run ads is that you can reach your target lines in every little span of time because different methods take between 3 to 4 months to start seeing some results.

 On the other hand, the ads let you show yourself in front of your audience (or say client) with just a few clicks and money.

Ads can increase your brand value but the only disadvantage is that you have to invest some money which can be difficult for you if you are not sure whether you are going to get some output from it.

But trust me this is going to be a very useful investment and it is a very little investment because other businesses require 30 to 40 times the same amount.

#6. Outsource and Network With Others Once You Start Earning Money

You should not invest too much in the starting of the website development business in India.

The website development business in India is a business that you can start free of cost. 

You can start a website development business in India without spending money on tools, hosting, or any other equipment because it is a service-based business where you are selling your time for the money.

This is why I always advise people to start a service-based business rather than starting a physical or product-based business.

If you are working alone in the initial days as a website developer and now you have a lot of regular clients then you should start outsourcing people and build your network or team who can take care of clients, develop websites on behalf of you and also manage the flow of money.

This will keep time to reflect on your actions and enhance your skills in the different sectors of website development.

For example, SEO search engine optimization is a great skill that you can learn for which people are ready to pay as much amount as possible because this is the skill that will allow your clients’ website to rank in the Google on the first page of the search engine results page which can bring them targeted audience which can be later converted into targeted clients for your client.

If you have friends that have the same passion for a website development company then you can achieve massive results in a short time but I will require dedication. 

You can get some freelancers whenever needed so you complete the project on time. There are more things that you should keep in your mind when you are approaching clients.

We will discuss them later in the article.

Is starting a Web development company profitable?

We have discussed how to start a website development business in India with no experience.

But still, this is a question that arises: is it profitable to start a website development business in India, will you be able to make money out of it, will it be beneficial to invest time in it?

So the answer is.


Website development business in India is profitable and you can earn around 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month with some basic knowledge of website development and a small team without much investment.

There are lots of people who do not know how to create websites or how they can design them, what is the responsiveness of a website, and other technical things. 

So, they are looking for people who can create websites for them. 

Also, people are spending most of their time on digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google. 

So, small to big business, everybody wants to make a presence online and for which they will require a website which you will provide them.

If you are struggling in finding website development clients online then you can reach your local stores, supermarkets, and malls, and for whom you can develop websites at a very reasonable price with lots of advantages and features that can bully sales and ease their business.

How do Web developers get clients in India (Free and Paid Methods)

You can approach the website development clients for your web development business using the following methods.

#1. Advertisement (Paid)

Ads are one of the easiest and quickest ways to reach potential clients internationally for web development. You can run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or Google ads which can bring you massive traffic.

 The only thing you have to do is to convince them and get them to pay a good amount. 

The better you are at negotiation the better you earn. The drawback here is that you will have to invest the money which can be difficult when you are just starting but if you do it will be worth it.

#2. Freelancing website (Free and Competitive)

There are lots of freelancing websites where people are looking for a website developer. You have a great opportunity to make a presence in front of those who can pay you a good amount for your talent. You can use,, and These all platforms have different interfaces and different methods to get the project. Some of them allow you to approach clients while others allow the clients only to contact you.

#3. Blog (Free and Requires Time)

Blogs are the thing that very few people are talking about when it comes to promoting and brand themselves as website developers

The reason is that it is a slow process and you have invested a lot of time before you can start but once you know how a blog works you are going to earn more than you can imagine. 

You can reach clients with strong proof and website development plan and also they will be able to know how much you know about it.

AdvertisementRequires money and helps in finding the clients quickly.
Freelancing WebsitesTook some time and is a little competitive.
BlogA slow but effective method to promote yourself to the right audience.

In conclusion, it is profitable to start a website development business in India with a small team and basic knowledge of website development. This business can alone make your hand 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month if you get the right high-paying clients. You can choose to work with them regularly, develop the website and find the next client. 

The benefit of working regularly is that you will be paid regularly on a monthly or weekly basis where you will have to do some basic changes in the website for you will have to work on the blogs of the website.

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