How To Start A Web Design Business With No Experience

Web Design Business is on the boom these days, many big companies are investing heavily in their website design, speed, and performance. This is why you have a great opportunity to start your own web design business.

But the question is how to start a web design business with no experience!

There is no shortcut to starting anything and especially in a web design business, you will have to know your clients and their needs. So, we have this guide for you, which will help in clearing the basics of website design and how you can start it with no experience.

So, let’s get started.

6 Things You Should Know To Start A Web Design Business At Home With No Experience

Website Designing requires multiple skills and principles to get great results and high-ticket clients. You need to be good at graphics designing, interface designing, and the coding stuff as well. 

You do not have to learn every skill required. You can do it without much experience ut it will be good if you know the basics of website designing. There is a content management tool called WordPress which can help you a lot to start a website building business with no experience. 

We will talk about it at the end of the article because we will first cover the basics needed for the website design business.

But when you do not want to learn this many skills at the start and want to start a web design business with no experience then you should follow these 6 points to get started in the web design business.

#1. Look for the Earning Opportunity

The primary goal of any business is to make a profit and if you can’t make any money in that business then there is no benefit of even thinking about it. This is why it is important to look for earning opportunities in your industry.

The pricing for the same website design and requirement can be different based on the location and the sector that you are going to work with. 

For example, if you are working and designing a website for the government sector then they are going to provide you more money and this can be a long-term project because they want to make it more secure and professional with you.

On the other hand, if you are working for an individual who is starting his/her startup then you will have to give them the designed website and there is less chance that you will be working with them in the future which means a low opportunity of earning. 

There are different people and sectors for which you can work as a website design and these are:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Religious Canters
  • Sport Organizations 
  • The public sector
  • Event Planners
  • Estates and Communities
  • Organized private sector (Corporate organizations)
  • Celebrities
  • Marketers.
  • Businessmen and Businesswomen
  • University Campuses 

#2. Understand Your Industry

Once you are sure about the earning then you should start researching the industry you are willing to work with.

Because with the increase in the usage of the internet, companies are moving online to get their potential clients and this is where websites can prove a bone for the business. Lots of people ask the question, search queries on the internet. 

According to SearchEngineLand, the new data from SimilarWeb has recorded around 51. Trillion searches in the year 2020. So, you can imagine how powerful the inline world is. 

The business owner is looking for a good interface of the website which can provide a good experience to the users and also the website must be mobile-friendly because there are more searches recorded on the mobile version than the desktop version and you can create a website just for Instagram if he/she says you to do so

So, make sure you are sure that you can create such designs with the industry you choose and change them whenever needed.

How To Start A Web Design Business With No Experience

#3. Prepare A Detailed Cost Analysis

This is the most important thing which should be done because it is always better to know the expenses that you will have to do to make your business successful. 

The best thing about the online business is that you do not require a big area, rooms, and office to start it; you can do it by sitting at your home. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

But when you have money to invest in it then you should be analyzing the cost of the office or rent of the room. If you are working with the team from the initial days then you will have to pay them as well.

 All this will be your expenses which you should analyze first and then decide what you are going to do next. 

I will advise you to start the website design part-time and continue building it. Once the earnings from this business are more than your job then you should quit the job and take the website design business full time and start building your team.

You can hire a freelancer at the starting whenever you need, which will be a better option to hire a team or person for a month.

#4. Sell Your Mastered Skill (Optional)

There are so many different platforms and coding languages that you can use to create and design a website. So, you just have to master one of them and it will be good if you already have a good knowledge of one of them. 

This is an advantage to know designing and programming a little when you are starting the website design business but in case, you are a complete beginner then you can skip this point and jump to the WordPress section of this article.

The business owner is not just looking for a website they are looking to brand themselves with the help of the website this is why they need a perfect website that can be customized whenever needed. 

You can sell the following web design:

  • Focusing on selling word press templates
  • Focusing on selling HTML templates
  • Specializing in HTML5 websites
  • Specializing in Flash websites
  • Blogging about your design projects
  • Blogging about freelance design etc.

#5. Starting Branding Yourself As A  Business.

Branding is the most important thing that a website business should do because it is going to make your presence on the web brings more chances to reach potential clients. 

You can use Facebook’s ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads as well in the initial days, and once you understand which platform brings you the most profitable clients put almost all advertising costs to that platform.

Google and Instagram Ads can bring good website design clients because you can show them your work and demo directly using blogs and images.

#6. Build Demos and Portfolio

Many people do not pay attention to the demo and the portfolio in the starting days due to which they do not sustain in the market for a long time.

Believe me! 

Having a portfolio is the best thing that you can do in your whole web design business. You can easily show the clients your demo design, logo in case you can make, and the type of layout you can make.

This is a golden opportunity to show your talent to your clients. This is why I will recommend you to build your portfolio website with a demo design with your name as the domain name. This makes a good impression on your clients and looks professional.

How to start a web design business using WordPress?

WordPress is a content management tool that is used by most of the websites and blogs available on the internet. The reason is the simplicity and the incredible work it can do. You can use it to build any type of website you want, you can create e-commerce, shopping, blog, advertising, or any website you can think of.

You can use the free theme and paid theme in WordPress which is quite easy to customize and gives an amazing look that can boom your website design business with no experience and you can start it today at your home with no team at all.

You can also build the customer pages using the page builder plugins and tools such as the Elementor, which can help you to design coded websites with just drag and drop options.

You need to follow the below steps to start your web design business with no experience using WordPress.

#1. Buy a Domain and Hosting

When you want to work with the WordPress website you will have to buy hosting and the domain for yourself.

You should buy a domain that contains your name just like or You can choose any domain name but it is always preferable to have a .com extension in the domain.

The next thing is to choose a hosting for yourself. You should buy shared hosting for your web design business.

#2. Install WordPress.

Once you purchase the hosting and domain now it’s time to connect the hosting and domain

After completing this, you should go to the Cpanel of your hosting and install the WordPress.

#3. Install The Necessary Plugin

The reason why WordPress is so common is the availability of the plugin that makes it so easier to use and automate things. 

There are so many different plugins available but it is advisable to use less than 10 plugins to get a good speed. 

The numbers can be different for some other sites like e-commerce sites generally have 15 to 19 plugins because of the requirement and design.

The most important plugin is the Elementor, which will help you to design the pages with no experience and start your online web design business by dragging and dropping elements.

#4. Start Creating Pages Using Elementor

Elementor is easy to use but you will have to invest some time to get friendly with it. Once, you know how things work, what element does what, and how you can merge your creativity with it. You are going to create amazing designs with it. 

You can create sliders, comparison tables, posts areas, and custom headers easily.

#5. Publish The Pages

Once you are done with the design stuff you need to publish the page. You should view how it looks on your website on mobile version as well as desktop version.

#6.Customize Your Website

WordPress has many different themes that look so attractive and professional. You can use any of them but always make sure there are some higher ratings and good numbers of downloads.

Some of the most popular themes of WordPress are:

  • Astra
  • GeneratePress
  • OceanWp
  • Neve
  • Newspaper Theme etc.

You should customize the theme of the website so it matches your style and design and creates a good impression on the client.

What to do if you do not have money to invest in your web design business?

Not everybody has money to invest in the web design business and this is why there is a great alternative which you can use to create your portfolio site and that is, it is the WordPress which does not require any hosting or Domain name to purchase you can start it free of cost.

And to reach your potential clients you can use the organic way such as the blog, Instagram images, and freelancing websites.

This way you will be able to start your web design business with no experience by just sitting at your home.

Important Thing To Do In the Web Design Business

You are starting a web design business online and this is why you should be ready for the ups and downs that are natural in a business. 

  • You should make sure you are doing the following thing to stay on the safer side of the business.
  • Catchy business name (Your Name As Domain Name)
  • Register yourself in the legal documents as the website design business
  • Protect the Intellectual property marks. 
  • Make Your Copyright patents
  • Get The Necessary Professional Certifications.
  • Get the Legal Documents You will Require To Run Your Website Design Business.

In conclusion, you can start a web design business with no experience sitting at your home using WordPress and page builders. You can approach the clients by the organic method of promoting a brand such as a blog and social media when you are ready with a professional-looking portfolio website.