As a college student, you need to carry a lot of heavy study material including books, notes, project files, and sometimes a laptop too. 

But what if you do not need to carry them on your shoulder? Yes, you read it right.

You can use the best rolling backpack for college students which will help you to roll your study material over the floor safely.

This makes things easier because you do not have to burden your back in transporting study material from one place to another.

Also, it will help you in reducing the back pain caused due to heavy backpacks. Isn’t it good?

So, here we have the best rolling backpack for college students that provides you with all the functionality that you will require in a rolling backpack.

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Buying Guide For Best Rolling Backpack For College Students

#1. Storage Compartments

The first thing that you should check in the best rolling backpack for college is the storage space and the compartment provided inside the backpack.

The more of the compartment in a backpack the better you will be able to organize your study material. 

Based on the requirement and the stream that you have chosen the study material can be different.

For example,medical student will need a stethoscope while an engineering student does not.

So, it is better to make a list of the items that you regularly carry with you in your college so that you know what size of the backpack is good for you.

Having said that, make sure you do not buy a bigger backpack than you need because it will be bulky and will trouble you whenever you will carry it.

#2. The durability of the Rolling Backpack

The durability of a backpack is the most important factor that you need to check when you are buying it. 

Because it is going to decide how long it is going to last and how effective it will be for you.

The rolling backpack is generally made from nylon polyester, soft fabric, or high-quality leather material which is good because these materials are waterproof and provide comfort.

If you are the one who likes to keep his/her backpack clean, you should go with a backpack that has weather-resistant elements and is easy to clean (have wide openings).

Not just this but you should also check whether the wheels and the handle are durable or not. Because the wheels are the main elements of the backpack that is going to bear all the stress when you are carrying it.

#3. Method to Carry The Backpack

It is important to know what method of backpack you are going to use when you have your rolling backpack. 

The best way to use a rolling backpack is using the shoulder straps and carrying them on your shoulder when you are having lightweight items in it. 

On the other hand when there is a lot of stuff to carry then you should roll it on the ground.

But this doesn’t fit in every situation because the ground can not be suitable for the backpack so in this situation, you will have to carry it on your shoulder.

This is why you should choose a backpack that provides you with a handle to quickly pick your backpack and use it as you want.

Best Rolling Backpack For College For Heavy Books

The best rolling backpack for college has durable wheels, handles, and lots of compartments that help you with easy access to the books.

There is a buying guide at the last of the review which will help you to decide which backpack you should choose for yourself.

#1. Matein Waterproof College Wheeled Laptop Backpack

Matein is my favorite manufacturer when it comes to rolling backpacks. Matein manufactures the best rolling laptop backpacks which are durable and comfortable. 

The best thing about this backpack is that it can be used for multiple purposes such as for traveling, meetings, office work, and college as well. 

This backpack is spacious and keeps your study materials safe and secure. 

Because the backpack has metal zippers that you can lock to protect your valuables from thieves. 

Also, the bottom panel guard is made from waterproof material which increases the durability of the backpack.

Moreover, the backpack has metal swivel hooks that can be adjusted at any time. 

Additionally, the main compartment has a storage capacity of 36 liters which is roomy enough to keep your college books and clothes for the trip.

The backpack has a durable aluminum telescoping handle and strong rubber wheels.

And, a zippered file compartment to keep heavy and bulky books or files in it. 

This will help you to perfectly organize your backpack and easily access them whenever you need it.

In addition, you can keep a less than 15.6 inches laptop in it perfectly and a velcro pocket convenient to carry a small towel on the trip.

Breathable and adjustable shoulder straps make it more convenient to carry this backpack and the straps can be tucked away into the zipper pocket so they’re not dragging while the backpack is rolling.


  • A lot of Compartment
  • Durable
  • Convenient Carrying
  • Quick Access
  • Waterproof Bottom.
  • Durable Telescoping Handle


  • Not Much padded.

#2. JanSport Driver 8 Rolling Backpack 

How can someone forget to review the Jansport backpacks when he is talking about the best rolling backpacks for college students?

Jansport is a well-known brand in the backpacks market of backpacks. And this JanSport rolling backpack is made from 100% other fibers. 

The best thing about this backpack is that you get a lifetime warranty so you can carry it confidently knowing that Jansport is going to replace or repair any break.

The backpack also has a 15 inches padded laptop compartment so you can carry your laptop securely to your college.

In college, you will bring your water bottle with you so this is why the backpack also has a side water pocket where you can easily and securely keep your water bottles/

The front organizer pockets are quick effective use because they provide you quick access to your items.

The backpack is constructed to last long, this is why it is durable and good to go with options for you as a college student.

Moreover, the backpack has 80 mm inline skate wheels and a retractable two-stage handle which makes carrying it more convenient and easy.


  • Waterproof.
  • Perfect For Airlines.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable


  • The handle doesn’t stay up for long.

#3. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack 

This rolling backpack for adults has a soft touch neoprene carrying top handle which makes it easier to roll the backpack on the floor.

The best thing about this backpack is that it has a full workstation where you can store all your accessories like keys, jobs, pens, and other smaller items.

Also, it has quieter roller wheels which help you to easily roll your material from one place to another.

Not just this but the backpack has a soft-lined pocket specifically designed for the media gadget like tablets and keeps it secure from bumps and scratches.

Moreover, the rolling backpack has a large compartment for storing books, files, folders, and documents. 

In addition, the backpack has side mesh pockets that you can use to keep water bottles or other important items because one of them is a zipper pocket.

The backpack has two elastic straps which can hold a pair of clothes which you will require at your college for some festive season. 


  • Ample Storage
  • Waterproof.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Quality Zippers
  • Multiple Compartments


  • Little heavy.
  • The handle can be big by a few inches.

#4. High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack

This backpack is perfect for a college student because the backpack has many different compartments where you can keep your digital gadgets.

The backpack has a large main compartment and multiple pockets which allows you to secure your gears and organize them properly.

Not only this but this best rolling backpack for college students has a cushion zone laptop compartment where you can keep a lot of about 17 inches perfectly. 

Moreover, the backpack has corner-mounted wheels for stability and a modded kick plate which gives extra protection from abrasion. 

If you are a music lover then the backpack has a media pocket with a headphone port which will allow you to keep your music close to you.

Also, the backpack has zippered mesh pockets, pen pockets, and lidded media pockets which allows you to keep the smaller items safe and secure in a proper place which helps in easily finding them whenever needed.

And the telescoping handle stores neatly under the zipper cover.


  • Spacious.
  • Great Quality.
  • Multiple Compartment Design
  • Premium Organization.
  • Media Pockets


  • Not Good For Rainy Weather

#5. J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack

J world is a popular brand that manufactures rolling backpacks. This backpack has enough storage to keep all the study material that you will need.

The best thing about this backpack is that it has a laptop compartment where you can keep a 15.6 inches laptop easily.

This backpack is quite spacious and you can keep everything you want because the backpack has 2 interior slips, 1 interior zipper pocket, 6 exterior pockets, and the main compartment.

Even there are 4 card slots which makes it more convenient and safe to use.

Also, the backpack quickly converts from a rolling backpack for adults into a wearable carry-on backpack with shoulder straps.

In addition, the handle can extend up to 34 to 39 inches for easy maneuverability and is made from aluminum.

The backpack has different compartments for the college textbook, binder, and lunch box which helps in better organization of the backpack.

The wheels of the backpack are durable and provide protection to the items from unexpected shock and wear and tear.

Also, the backpack used reflective tape in the zipper so you can access it at night also and you do not hit yourself with your backpack when you are walking in the dark.

Moreover, there are key clips and pens holding slots that will keep small items safe which makes it the best rolling backpack for college. 


  • Noiseless Wheels
  • Wheels Rolls Effortlessly.
  • Stable.
  • Protect your study material against abrasion.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Straps easily tuck away in the back pocket when not in use.


  • Sometimes, it is difficult to close the upper zipper pocket.


After reading the reviews of the best rolling backpack for college students you will be able to make a wise decision.

And believe me, you wouldn’t regret your decision if you decide to go in these backpacks. 

If you need my help then here is my topmost recommendation. Matein is a reputed brand and provides good customer support and they have guides on their blog by which you can solve any issue (in case happens).

Although each backpack seems different, they all are quite spacious and durable which will last long enough.

If you have some experience with rolling backpacks then please do share with us. We will love to hear from you.