Welcome to Backpackjoy

I am a person who loves to travel a lot and backpacking is one of my favorite hobbies.

I used different backpacks in the last one and half years and because of which I know I can guide you on how you can pick the right backpack for you.

My main motive to work on this blog is to provide the information and knowledge that I gained in my backpacking journey.

Also, I would like to mention that I get to know about the website stuff because of this blog and now I am also ready to share that too on this blog.

What Is Backpackjoy and What I created This Blog?

As I told you, I love to carry backpacks too much. But, the problem was I was not able to get the right one for me. I was looking for a backpack which can really help me to carry my laptop and other important stuff.

And which is comfortable, fits perfectly on a backpack, and does not make pressure on the shoulder. This triggered my mind and I thought there must be some more people like me who are not able to get the right backpack for themselves.

This is why I just created a blog to help my friends and named it “BackpackJoy”.

Now, I am working hard to get detailed knowledge about the backpack I recommend.

Although, I am the only one who writes on the blog based on the test, keynotes that we make while testing and experience.

I also collect some information from different product sellers, customer reviews, online sources, videos, and based on our criteria we rank them in our list of the best backpacks.

So, don’t worry.

You will always find the most liked and quality product on Backpackjoy.

Well, this was about me, my blog, and my journey. Now, I will answer some questions quickly that may come to your mind about me.

My Bio:

  • My name is Faraz Rajput.
  • I am a student and my age is 18 years.
  • I look programing and coding.
  • I have just two friends and working on backpackjoy.com is my passion.
  • I created the blog to help people who are looking for a perfect backpack.
  • This blog is about backpacks reviews and guides

Also, I am sharing internet-related information for our Indian Audience so make sure you check out my other blog which I named Gyanpelu.