What Kind Of Backpack Should I Get For Middle School

You should get a backpack that has padded straps, a padded back panel, and lots of pockets because it will be easy to access the items for your middle school student. The backpack should have additional sleeves and pockets such as the water bottle sleeve, the document/notes compartment, or the anti-theft pockets.

There are more things that you should look into a backpack for middle school which we are going to discuss in this article.

So, let’s get started.

Ultimate Buying Guide For Backpack For Middle School

Because I am in college and I know students use backpacks more rather than the lockers of the college or university.

I have seen backpacks in all states of disrepair and this is why it is important to have a backpack that is durable which can keep all the items such as the lunch box and notebooks in it perfectly.

The truth is that in middle school the teenagers and kids focus more on the design and look for the backpack rather than the functionalities. 

Sometimes it becomes hard as a parent to find a backpack that looks great and is big enough to keep all the supplies and lunch box.

What Kind Of Backpack Should I Get For Middle School

When I was a kid, I was jealous of one of my classmates’ backpacks because of the spiderman sticker on it.

Later, in my college days, a travel backpack was my priority (and still is). But the functionalities were never on my list as a kid.

This will be awesome if you can find a backpack that looks great and fulfills all your requirements.

We have made this process a bit easier for you with simple tips that you should use.

So, here they are.

Tips to Buy the Backpack For Middle School

#1. Comfort and Support.

Comfort and support should be your priority when you are buying a backpack for the middle school kids.

Always look for a fact that has found its shoulder straps and back panel. These older steps should be avoided because the narrow one makes pressure on the shoulder dig into the shoulders.

According to kidshealth.com, children should use breathable shoulder straps and for the older kids, they should be using chest straps (sternum straps) which can reduce the weight of the backpack on their shoulder.

#2. Size and Weight Of the Backpack.

According to healthychildern.org, children should wear a backpack that weighs about 10 to 20% of their all body weight.

For the size of the backpack, you should look at the back of your kid and suppose it is in a rectangular shape and make sure the backpack fits in the rectangle.

To be on the right side you should buy the backpack from the nearby store or from a retailer where you can return the backpack free of cost if it doesn’t fit properly to your kid. 

This can give you a better idea of the size and the weight of the backpack that your children can carry. 

If you want to know how you can measure for a backpack then here is a great article from Rei.com which will let you know about it very well.

#3. Compartments.

The main compartment is not just enough for a backpack, you need different types of pockets and compartments in it so you can use it as the maximum level.

Some popular backpacks for middle school provide pockets and meshes such as a water bottle pocket, lunch box compartment, laptop sleeve, key holder, and pen organizer pockets.

#4. Functionalities.

The most important thing that you need to look at in the middle school backpack is the functionality of backpack. The backpack should provide easy to access functionality so the children can easily access most of his/their stuff whenever he/she needs.

#5. Back Support

In recent years, children had faced back pain issues due to the heavy load of the book in their backpacks. 

To solve this problem nowadays most of the middle school backpack designed much more like ht hiking backpack which has back support and padded backpack panel.

This makes it more easier and comfortable to carry a backpack. So, always look for a padded and wider straps backpack once your kid starts carting around textbooks.

#6. Price And Durability.

How long do you suppose a backpack to last? 

If you choose the cheaper backpack that does not have good quality then ultimately you will have to spend more money than an expensive one. 

This is why my suggestion is to choose a backpack that is durable and can at least last 4 to 5 years.

#7. Waterproof

If your backpack is waterproof then it is really a good thing because your accessories and study material will be safe inside the backpack. 

Some backpack does not have a waterproof fabric but they do provide a rain cover so you can keep all your material safe from the rain.

Also, some backpack manufactures provide a water-resistant layer over the backpack which can protect your backpack against teh rain.

Not matter, what the case with your backpack is, your backpack is going to be safe against water and humid situations.

So, these are all those things that you should look at in a middle school backpack so you get the best out of the best backpacks.

What is a normal size backpack for school?

28 to 35 inches is the average size backpack for schools. The dimensions of the backpack are generally  ‎ 35.56 x 25.4 x 48.26 cm with a volume of 43589.59 cubic centimeters. The backpacks are also measured in inches and centimeters as well but the volume is gently converted in liters and this is why the standard volume is 43.6 liters.

Precaution With The Middle School Backpacks

Although it seems good to have a monogram on the backpack it can cause a safety issue. Even in some backpacks, you can see a name slip or name card holder inside the backpack which is helpful to know who is the owner of the backpacks.

I feel sad, that today we live in a world where I make you take such precautions. But I strongly discourage putting the child’s name on the backpacks.

It provides a way for the child predator to make your kid think that the person is friendly and familiar because they know his/her name.

In short, you should look for the functionality of the backpack rather than the looks. You can get a backpack with great functionality and great looks but if you are more concerned about looks then it can be hard to get a durable backpack. 

So, I hope you got your answer about what kind of backpack should I get for middle school.

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