Why Are Kanken Backpacks So Expensive (5 Real Reasons)

Fjallraven Kanken backpacks are the most popular backpack and people are most curious to know why Kanken backpacks are so expensive.

We do not wonder why people ask this question because the Kanken backpacks have a simple design and yet they have a high price. 

If you want to know why Kanken backpacks are so expensive then you are at the right place because today we will discuss the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks and their history.

So, let’s get started

Why Is Kånken Backpacks So Popular?

When I started my backpack journey I was wondering why Kanken backpacks are so expensive and what makes them so popular among people.

As I started my journey as a backpacker and came to know about the different backpacks and their features, I understood why Kanken backpacks are so expensive.

I have researched a lot from forums, groups, and my circle of backpackers who have used the Kanken backpack.

And here is what I found!

People believe that the Kanken backpacks are expensive just because they advertise so well and they have created a brand. As per the nature of humans, most people buy things just to show off. 

Some people say that the Kanken is so expensive because the celebrities wear it, they look nice and the marketing has made an impact on the brains of the customers.

But believe me, this is not the case when it comes to the Kanken backpacks. They are popular because of the quality, durability, and features of the backpack.

Once, a person buys the Kanken backpack attached to the backpack that every time they see it or use it, it gives a unique feeling.

If the feeling is positive or gives good vibes that he/she will have it no matter what the cost is and when someone asks him/her that they simply reply because of the features of Kanken backpacks they bought it. 

I have already written an in-depth article where I discussed why are backpacks so expensive even if they are not popular and if you are interest in learning about it then you should check out this linked guide.

Why Are Kanken Backpacks So Expensive?

Kanken backpacks are so expensive because of their quality and durability of backpacks. The design of the backpacks is simple and has enough storage to carry almost everything you want.

One of my friends, Evelina, told me that she had been using the Kanken backpack for almost four years and it is holding extremely well.

She washed the backpack a few times and this is why the color of the backpack has been a little worn out.

She added that she didn’t take much care of the Kanken backpack and she would have worn out three to four backpacks if she was not using the Kanken backpack. 

She has used the backpack as a carry-on, travel backpack, and work backpack as well. So, you can think about how different conditions the backpack has tolerated.

Five reasons what make the Kanken backpack expensive:

  1. The design of the backpack is square-shaped which makes the storage more efficient regardless of what you are carrying.
  2. The square design brings more functionality to the backpack.
  3. Kanken backpacks are quite different from every other backpack out there. 
  4. There are lots of interesting patterns and colors which will match your personality.
  5. Fjällräven has been in the market for 50+ years which creates a sense of history whenever you use it.

Are Fjällräven Backpacks Waterproof?

Most of the Fjällräven Backpacks are durable and waterproof as well so you do not have to worry much about the quality of the backpack.

Are Fjallraven Backpacks Worth It?

The design, quality, and functionality of the backpack with the sense of history make the Kanken backpack worth it.


Now, you can tell someone if Kanken backpacks are worth it and why are Kanken backpacks so expensive. We have also discussed what is the thinking of the people regarding the Kanken backpack.