When it comes to choosing the right backpack for your needs, size plays a crucial role.

A 30-liter backpack is a popular choice due to its versatility and capacity.

In general, a 30 liter backpack is 18.11 x 10.63 x 11.81 inches in dimensions. This makes the total capacity of 1830.71 cubic inches. The weight of a 30-liter backpack generally ranges between 1.15 pounds to 2.5 pounds.

In this article, we will explore the capabilities of a 30L backpack, including its size in centimeters, its suitability for various purposes, and whether it is big enough for travel.

So let’s get started…

How Capacity Of Backpack is Measured?

Before we start with the capacity of 30 Liter backpack, we should understand how the capacity of the backpack is measured.

So, basically, the capacity of a backpack is measured in liters and ounces. 

Most backpack manufacturers use a standard formula for this. This formula is directly proportional to the width, length, and depth of the backpack.

The formula is, the length, width, and depth of the backpack are measured in the centimeter and divided by 1000.

Formula =  Length*Width*Depth/1000

Although this formula is good it can only give you a rough idea of the capacity of the backpack.

If you want to know the exact capacity of the backpack then you should measure the dimensions of different compartments using the formula and then multiplied together.

This way, you can get the most accurate capacity of the backpack.

You see, this is somewhere a tough job to measure each compartment individually and then sum up together and repeat the process for three or four same backpacks to get the most accurate backpack.

So, not every manufacturer does it. 

Also, the hidden pocket, side pocket, and side mesh can easily change the capacity of the backpack.

So, here we can conclude that most of the backpacks that we see have a roughly average capacity of the backpack.

How Big Is a 30 Liter Backpack?

A 30-liter backpack typically offers a spacious storage capacity of around 1,830 cubic inches, making it suitable for day trips, hiking, or short overnight stays. With its ample size, it provides enough room to store essentials such as clothing, food, water and other necessary items while still remaining manageable.

However, personal preferences may vary, and some individuals might find a 30-liter backpack either too large or too small based on their specific needs and packing style.

There are some basic points that you should keep in your mind before you can finally decide how big is a 30l backpack.

Size of a 30L Backpack in Centimeters

On average, the size of a 30L backpack is around 45-55 cm in height, 25-35 cm in width, and 20-30 cm in depth. These measurements may give you an idea of the space available inside the backpack and help you assess its suitability for your needs.

30 Liter Backpack Size In Inches

A 30-liter backpack is approximately 18-22 inches in height, 10-14 inches in width, and 8-12 inches in depth. These dimensions vary depending on the brand and design. It provides enough space to carry essentials for day trips, overnight stays, and other activities, making it a versatile option for various purposes.

This is why, I have gathered different backpack size information and measure some that I own to get them a good average of the 30-liter backpack size.

This is not necessary that a backpack that offers you the same measurement will give you a 30 Liter capacity because the design of the backpack also plays an important role in the capacity of the backpack.

Is a 30L Backpack Enough?

A 30L backpack can be a practical choice for various purposes, depending on your specific requirements. Here are some scenarios where a 30L backpack can be suitable:

  • Day Trips: A 30L backpack offers ample space to carry essentials such as water bottles, snacks, extra clothing layers, and personal items for day trips or hikes.
  • Overnight Stays: For short overnight stays or weekend getaways, a 30L backpack can accommodate a change of clothes, toiletries, a lightweight sleeping bag, and other necessary items.
  • Work or School: A 30L backpack can comfortably fit a laptop, books, notebooks, and other work or school essentials, making it a practical choice for daily commuting or campus life.
  • Gym or Sports: If you need to carry gym clothes, shoes, and small sports equipment, a 30L backpack can provide sufficient space to accommodate your workout gear.

Is a 30L Backpack Big Enough for Travel?

The suitability of a 30L backpack for travel depends on the duration and type of trip you plan to undertake. While a 30L backpack may not be sufficient for long-term travel or extensive packing, it can be suitable for shorter trips and minimalist travelers. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Travel Duration: For shorter trips, such as weekend getaways or city breaks, a 30L backpack can offer enough space to pack essential clothing, toiletries, and travel accessories.
  • Packing Style: Travelers who prefer a minimalist approach and are comfortable with fewer clothing options can successfully manage with a 30L backpack.
  • Climate and Activities: The type of climate and activities you plan to engage in during your trip will impact the amount of clothing and gear you need. In warmer climates or for activities with specific equipment requirements, a 30L backpack may be more suitable.

30L Backpack Weight

You should also consider the weight of the backpack because you will be carrying the backpack on your shoulders, so it is always good to keep the backpack as light as possible to avoid neck and backpack pains which happens when you carry backpacks.

There are few things that will decide the weight of a 30 Liter backpack size.

  1. Padding 
  2. Hardware used
  3. And Material used

Most of the 30-liter backpacks have padded shoulder straps and padded back panels which makes them comfortable to carry.

Also, some 30L bags also provide padding at the hip belt straps.

The weight of the 30L backpack will be around 1.15 pounds to 2.5 pounds. 

Although you will be able to find heavier and lighter backpacks than the above-mentioned weight, I will never advise you to purchase a backpack that is heavier than 3 pounds because you will be only increasing the load on your shoulders.

So, till now you know how big is a 30-liter backpack and now it’s time to check whether you should have it or not.

So, let’s dive deep into the topic!

Who Should Buy a 30L Backpack?

A 30L backpack is best for traveling purposes or travelers because this is a size that is quite good for small to mid-size travel bags. These backpacks are made for short trips and hikes. 

Also, you must have seen some backpack ads where such types of backpacks are said to be good for hikers and weekend travelers which is absolutely true.

If you want to have a backpack for weekend travels or want to travel for short trips then these backpacks are too good for you.

30 Liter backpack can work as a travel backpack, hiking backpack, regular backpack, or laptop backpack.

While I was researching about a 30 Liter backpack, I found that some people had spent one year traveling with a 30-liter backpack

These were the people who can stay with fewer things and need only a few pieces of clothes. 

Truly saying, I can not do a year trip with a single 30 Liter Backpack.

The person who invests in a 30 liter laptop backpack, uses the backpack as a carry-on or as the only luggage during the short travel.

And in case, you are looking for a business travel backpack for work with a laptop sleeve then 30 liter backpack can be a good choice for you.

I hope that by now you have got clear about how big a 30 liter backpack is and whether it is right for you. 

Now, it’s time to see what you can put in a 30 liter hiking backpack and if you want to know how big is a 20 liter backpack then here is a informative article for you which will let you know what you can you it for.

What I can Put In 30 Liter Hiking Backpack?

40 liter hiking backpack

I understand that not everybody gets the volume and capacity in numbers (including my friend Shivam).

He does not understand what I mean by 30 Liter or 40 liters. This is why I will tell you what you can put in a 30 liter backpack to give you a clear idea about it.

So, first I would like to mention that everybody packs differently, some people put extra things just to be safe. While some people have to carry important tools like cameras, DSLR, tents, sleeping bags, etc.

What you can put in a 30 Liter backpack also depends on the time, and place where you are going. If you are going in summer then there is no need for those big jackets and gloves.

On the other hand, if you are going to the same place in winter then you will have to carry those jackets in your backpack.

To give you an idea about what can be fit in 30 Liter backpack, I have mentioned a list of items:

  1. Five T-Shirts (I wear T-shirts more than shirts).
  2. Three Shirts.
  3. Three-Pair Of Jeans.
  4. Jogger.
  5. One Jacket
  6. Two Pair of Shoes.
  7. One pair of Slippers.
  8. Few Pair of Socks.
  9. Undergarments for a week.
  10. A 13 to 15-inch laptop with a charger.
  11. Tablet.
  12. Towel.
  13. My Diary and Pen
  14. Camera or DSLR to click pictures.
  15. Two water bottles.
  16. Some moisturizers, spray, and razors.

This is a normal list including individuals and their needs. This can give you a good idea of what a 30 l backpack can carry. You can adjust things as per your wish and requirements to packing other stuff for yourself. 

Here, I have not mentioned the passport, mobile, charger, headphones, and other things, assuming that you will be carrying it on your own and if you need them or not.

If you want to go hiking and want to attach a sleeping bag or tent, then most of the backpacks provide you with straps at the bottom or top. 

You can use them to carry your tent and sleeping bag with you. Moreover, you can use staples to attach more stuff with yourself.

30l backpack gear

Till now you must be clear with How big is a 30l backpack. Now let’s have a difference between a 40L backpack and a 30-liter backpack.

How big is a 40l bag than 30 Liter Bag?

The difference between the size is that 30 Liter bag will have dimensions of 18*12*8 inches (L*W*H).

On the other hand, 40 Liter bag will have a dimension of 21*13*9 inches. 

40L bags are best for hiking purposes while 30 Liter backpacks are best for short trips and traveling purposes and can be used as a carry on backpack for most of the airlines and can be used as a carry on backpack for most of the airlines.

Difference Term30 Liter Backpack40 Liter Backpack 
Size18*12*8 inches (L*W*H).21*13*9 inches. (L*W*H) 
Best ForShort Trips and TravelsHiking 
40L Backpack Vs. 30 Liter Backpack

What You Should Look for in a 30 Liter Backpack Before Purchasing?

Now, you are confirming about the 30-liter backpack, and if you have made your mind to purchase a 30-liter backpack then you must keep some things in mind before purchasing.

This is necessary because you must get the best 30 Liter backpack for yourself. The main thing which matters the most is the quality and the more it is good the better you can use it.

1.) Waterproof

The first thing to check is whether the backpack is waterproof or not. If the backpack is not waterproof then check it can resist water means it should be water-resistant. 

Mostly such backpacks are used for hiking and this is why they should be water-resistant. 

It will keep your backpack and your stuff safe. Many 30 Liter backpacks provide you with a backpack cover to keep it safe. Make sure that your backpack has it.

2.) Front Loading

Front-loading means that the backpack can be opened from the front and not only from the top. This feature in your backpack will help you to access all your items easily and quickly.

 3.) Padding

Your backpack should have padding at the shoulders and on the back as well. Your backpack will be on your shoulder most of the time during your travel or hike.

But, if your backpack also has padding at the back then it is going to provide you comfort and take care of the items in it. It also ensures the quality of the backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Litres is a normal backpack?

Normally, a backpack will have a capacity of 25 Liters to 30 Liters.

Is a 40l backpack big enough for Travelling?

Yes, for sure. a 40-liter backpack is quite good for traveling. You can put a lot of essentials and other stuff in it.

Can I Buy a 30-Liter Backpack as a Regular Backpack?

Yes, you can buy a 30-Liter backpack for trips like Disney and as a regular backpack.. Some people buy a 30-liter laptop backpack as their regular backpack.
I will suggest you buy a 30 Liter backpack only when you need to travel every week or you need to carry more stuff with you.

Why are backpacks measured in Litres?

Backpacks are measured in liters it is the capacity to the volume of the backpack. It will be difficult to use a cubic centimeter as a measurement of the volume.
And also, you always do not put the things in the same order and you can arrange things by changing the shape or folding them (just like water which can change its shapes).
And for water to measure its volume we use liters. Although, later you can convert units using the formula and mathematically formula. 
This is why the backpacks are measured in volume

Why are 30 Liter Backpacks so famous?

30 Liter backpacks are quite famous for weekend travels. This is because it is easy and comfortable to put these backpacks in the overhead compartment of airplanes. 
Also, 30 to 40 Liter capacity backpacks are most used by backpackers as these backpacks make traveling easier and comfortable.

Wrapping Up Everything About 30 Liter Backpack

30 Liter backpacks are quite good for traveling purposes. If you want a backpack for weekend travelers then you can have a 30L backpack.

You can put enough stuff in these backpacks. These will give you enough comfort to enjoy your travel trips. 

I hope that you got the perfect answer to your question “How Big Is a 30 Liter Backpack”.

We hope that this article about30 Liter backpacks helped you to clear your doubts.

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