5 Reasons Why Is Website Traffic Important

Website traffic is important for businesses and individuals because website traffic means the number of visitors visiting your website to know about your brand, your business, and the value you can provide them.

The more website traffic you get the more visitors and users you reach which will ultimately benefit your business and total revenue.

So, in this article, we are going to know more about why website traffic is important and how you can increase it with some simple steps.

So, let’s get started.

Why Is Website Traffic Important?

Website traffic is the main reason why many businesses fail because it is not so easy to generate a good amount of traffic and especially in the initial days of launching a website.

If you want to know the real importance of website traffic then here is a great example.

Suppose, you build a new house out of the city but didn’t tell your friends and they want to visit you.

So, what will happen?

Will they be able to meet you and see your new house?

They will not be able to see your new house. Right?

Similarly, if you have built a website but no one knows about it and no one is visiting your website then there is no benefit of such a website because you will not be able to generate revenue out of it and no one is going to know what your business is about.

There are 5 reasons why website traffic is important:

#1. Brand Awareness

The primary reason to build a website is to do brand promotion. Brand promotion is important for the business to set up authority in front of their audience.

Generally, a website that has huge traffic will have more customers which means people are going to trust it because everyone knows about it. 

For example, Zomato was once a simple food blog where the owner used to share recipes and tips related to food.

But after the website starts getting the traffic, people start talking a lot about the recipe they shared, they become a brand and after which they launch as an online multi-restaurant food delivery company and has a total revenue of $350 million (in the year 2020).

This happened because of the website traffic only and this is the first and the. the main reason why the website traffic is so important.

#2. Compete in the Market

If you want to compete in the market then you need to get more website traffic than your competitors.

For example, suppose you have a fruit juice shop and your competitors open another fruit shop just beside you. 

Then you will have to make an effort and promote yourself so that you make the people visit and drink your fruit juice instead of your competitor.

Similarly, when someone searches for something on Google related to the business you are working with then you should appear at the top of the search engine results page so that you grab your customer’s attention and do not let them go to the customer website.

#3. Generate More Sales

The main goal of any business is to generate more sales and more sales mean more revenue and profit to the business. 

The more visitors visit your website the more traffic your website will have which means you can promote your service and product to more audiences.

The website traffic gives you a chance to tell the audience about your product and how your product can solve their problems that will ultimately increase your business revenue.

#4. Delivering Valuables Content

You must have heard that no one is interested in how much you know, the only thing they want to know is how you can solve their problem.

This is why to solve the problem of your customer you need to reach them and to reach them you should have a website with a good amount of traffic so you can express your idea and provide knowledge and value to the customer with the same amount of effort.

#5. Build Relationships With Customers

The real benefit of the website traffic is that you get new users/new visitors with whom you can build relationships.

You can approach new clients who can pay better.

You can build relationships with your customer by informing them about the new product, its benefits, its price, and guide them on how they can use them.

Different methods help passive traffic to your website which is majorly divided into two types.

Free and Paid Website Traffic.

The free website traffic is the one for which you do not have to pay anything. The only thing it needs is time. 

You need to spend a good amount of time and create engaging content that can help your visitors to see good results from the website traffic.

On the other hand, the paid website traffic brings you quality traffic but you will have to pay money for it. 

You need to run ads on different platforms and from where you can bring those visitors to your website which will work as website traffic for you.

What Is Targeted Website Traffic?

The amount of website traffic does not matter if you are not able to convert them into your customer.

It is not sure whether a visitor will visit your website again in the future or not.

To make sure it happens, you should convert those visitors into your lead which will only happen if you have targeted traffic to your website.

The target website traffic simply means the interested people who are willing to know about the product and service you promote.

You do not need millions of traffic to your blog to generate tons of money. You just need the right targeted traffic.

It is easier to convert those interested people into customers rather than selling your product to anyone you want.

I would like to mention one more thing here and that is.

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What is good website traffic?

Good website traffic is around 10k to 30k per month. If you can generate this much traffic to your website then you will be easily able to generate $400 to $700.

But, this amount of money you can earn also depends on the geographical location of your visitors. So, the number mentioned above is just an average that website owners are making from their website.

You should not forget that you can earn more with the same or less amount of traffic if you know how to approach your customer and how you can convince them towards your product.

3 Ways To Improve Website Traffic Easily

So, till now you know why website traffic is important.

Now is the time to know how you can improve your website traffic using some simple steps and tricks and here is guide which will let you understand how you can create a website for Instagram for free and here is guide which will let you understand how you can create a website for Instagram for free.

Here are three ways to improve your website traffic easily:

#1. Create More Content

The best way to increase website traffic is by creating more and more content. The more content your website will have the more visitors it will bring to you which will ultimately increase the overall traffic of your website.

When you will create content on different topics about the service or product you promote then you will be able to set up your authority in the search engine due to which you will be at the first page for most of the keywords that people are searching for.

This will make your web presence for that particular product and also increase your authority.

#2. Focus On the Queries and Repurpose Your Content

When you are creating the content for your audience then it is always better to answer the questions that they have in their mind.

This will make you able to solve their problem and they will be able to trust you because you are the one who is guiding them and solving their issue.

This is where you can also promote your products and services.

Once you start answering the questions related to your service then you should also start repurposing your content into different forms such as videos, images, and infographics.

Repurposing the content will make you able to increase your website traffic by making you able to reach new audiences who consume the same information in different forms.

Some prefer to read text while some prefer to watch videos. But when you have both then you can drive the video traffic to text and text to video and use other channels to transfer one traffic to another.

For example, if you have a 3000-word guide about a product that you sell then you can create a video for that product which will let the audience understand how this product looks from all the different angles which will create better engagement with your website.

#3. Build Your Email List

You should start building your email list from the day you start a website because no one knows how long you can drive traffic from the free or paid methods.

Also, you should have a community of your own where people are willing to listen to you, know about your brand, and want to get tips from you.

You can do all of these with the help of the email of ls. 

So, you should also focus on building the email list which will make you able to send emails to your customer and drive them back to your website so that they can know what is the new thing that you want to share with them.


In conclusion, website traffic is the most important thing that you should focus on because you can earn more money, generate more sales, and build relationships with your customer when you have a good amount of traffic on your website. 

You can use different methods and practices to bring more website traffic and you should use the above-mentioned ways to improve your website traffic.