How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make Money

When you are about to start a new website, the first question that comes to mind is how much traffic does a website need to make money?

This is natural because ultimately we all want to make money out of the work.

2000 visitors/traffic per month on your website will make you able to generate $200 to $700 if you monetize your website with affiliate products, information products, and advertisements.

The earning from the website traffic depends on many factors and this is why in this article we are going to see how much traffic will be sufficient for you to earn a good amount of money.

So, let’s get started.

Why Is Website Traffic Important For You?

Before I start explaining to you how much traffic you need to make 5 figures or 6 figures per month from a website. 

It is important to understand why website traffic matters!

The website traffic means the number of visitors who visit your website. One single visitor can visit your website multiple times but it will count as a single visitor or user.

More visitors means more earning!

You will generate more income if you have good website traffic and if you are working with strong marketing tactics.

But the harsh truth is that only 2 to 3 percent of the total visitor turns into the customer or pays for the services or affiliate product you are promoting.

So, what’s about the rest 97 to 98 percent of the people who are visiting your website!

They just leave the website as a visitor. You do not make any income from them at that particular time but if you somehow convert them into customers then it will be the best thing.

You can get their email, make them sign up for the newsletter, or allow them to sign up for the push notifications. So they can know more about your brand.

Quality Vs Quantity Of Website Traffic:

Most people think that a website that gets around 100k visitors per month definitely makes more money than a website getting 10k per month. 

The reality is different!

Generating money from the website is all about the quality, not the quantity.

If you have a website that has a good niche where the advertiser will bid for the ads will make you more money from the ads rather than the website which tells only you.

People do not care how much you know or how much expertise you have in the field, they only care how you can benefit them from your skills.

So, it is better to focus on the quality of the traffic instead of thinking about the quantity of the traffic.

Here is an example for you.

Suppose you have a website where you are getting just 2k visitors per month and you are promoting affiliate products and providing valuable information about those products in the form of the blog. 

You will be making money from the blog through advertisement and if 3 percentage of the total visitor (i.e, 60 users out of 2k users) buy the affiliate product which gives you a commission of $5 per sale then you will be able to make around $300 dollars + 50 to 100 dollars based on the niche you are working with through ads.

Which gives a total revenue of nearly $400 from just 2k visitors in a month.

So, you see here you do not have millions of traffic but still, you are able to generate 400 dollars with such small traffic.

This number can be increased based on the niche, affiliate product, and the other ways you can monetize your website with.

How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make Money?

If you are working on an informational website then you will need a huge amount of around 30k to 40k per month of traffic to earn $400 per month. When you are doing affiliate marketing, selling information products, or promoting your own service then you can earn $2000 to $5000 per month with the same amount of traffic.

Here, I would like to mention that this is just an average of the amount of money that people are making with this amount of traffic.

But this doesn’t mean that you will require the same amount of traffic to generate the same amount of money.

You can earn more or less with the same traffic and sometimes in the same niche.

What Are the Factors that Affect Website earning? 

There are a lot of factors that make a website earn in 5 to 6 figures. Some of them are given below:

#1. Earning From Ads

The first and the primary idea that you have in your mind is the advertisement. You can monetize your website with ads using some popular and trusted ad networks like Google Adsense, Ezoic, and Mediavine.

There are a lot of ad networks that can approve your website so that you can allow them to show their ads on your site which will in return make you able to earn money.

But, the amount of money you will make depends mostly on your niche and the topic you are working with. 

Generally, niches like health and fitness, finance, and insurance make good money with ads.

#2. Commission Per Affiliate Sale

Choosing the right affiliate program is the key to success in affiliate marketing. The working and the commission rates are really so different for the same product.

If you want to make a good amount of money by promoting affiliate products then you should go with the higher commission product or with the one that pays a recurring commission.

Recurring Commission lets you earn for the same product month over month which is because they need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription which lets you earn passively.

#3. Targeted Audience

The targeted audience is always my main focus when it comes to earning money from the website.

You should always target a smaller niche that can make a good amount of money even if there is small traffic to the website and later you can try for the different sub-niches which will ultimately turn into a big niche where you will be an authority.

Soundproofing is a great niche that you can work with because there are a lot of people who want expert advice to soundproof their home, garage, or recording room.

There is no benefit to bringing millions of traffic to the website to earn a few bucks when you can earn 4x easily with less traffic when it is targeted.

For example, in the soundproofing niche, you can guide and educate your visitor about soundproofing and promote the product that can solve their problem which will also increase your average earning per visitor.

How To Track Website Traffic?

To track the website traffic and how your visitors are engaging with the website you should use Google analytics

Google Analytics lets you track the performance of your website including the page speed, engagement of the visitor, bounce rates, and the average time they are spending on the website.

By integrating your website with Google Analytics you can measure the following data.

  1. Number of Users Visited Your Website.
  2. Pageview and Session
  3. Bounce Rate.
  4. Duration.
  5. Traffic Source

You should make sure you are seeing positive results in the Analytics and there can be some days where there is low traffic which is perfectly fine.

But the sudden decrease in the website traffic for a few days is problematic and you should check why it happened and what you should do to get back on track.

What is a good amount of traffic for a new website?

If your website is getting 5k to 12k visitors per month after the 6 months of starting the website then it is a good amount of traffic for the new website.

The reason why I am saying after 6 months is that ranking high in Google and getting traffic is slow because Google doesn’t know who you are and what you do.

It takes time to bring yourself as an authority in the eye of Google. So if you are getting 5k visitors per month after publishing 30 posts as publisher on your blog and optimizing your website to rank in Google then it is really a great result.

Again, I would like to mention that you can increase the traffic in the starting days if you target some high volume keywords but they will be less target audience and it will take a little more time than low volume keywords to rank in the Search Engine.

Which type of website is best for earning?

An affiliate website with Ads on it is the best website that you can create for yourself to earn 4 figures to 6 figures per month. The amount of traffic you can drive to your website will depend on the amount of content you are publishing on your website and how many visitors you are able to convert into customers.

How much traffic does a blog need to make money?

You need only 2000 visitors per month to generate money from your blog. You can easily earn $100 dollar from this much traffic in the initial days for sure and if you monetize your website with the right Ad network and affiliate program then the amount can be 2x or 3x easily.

4 Tips To Get Quality Traffic To Your Blog:.

#1. Promoting Your Existing Content

Most people do not look back at the content they created. 

This is wrong!

You should not forget about the older content that you published, that content is still relevant to your audience.

You should link your new articles to them and give the old content link from the newly published articles. 

You should also share the existing content on social media like Facebook and Instagram which is going to increase your website traffic and allow you to get more users to your website with the same amount of content.

#2. Creating Collaborative Post

If you want traffic to your website but do not have much time to create new content then you should try to create a collaborative post.

The collaborative post will let you express yourself and promote your brand in front of the audience of the popular people in your industry. 

You can round up with some people and let them express their view on a particular topic which will make them able to share your post with their audience and this will ultimately bring your more traffic. 

#3. Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing is hard but is worth it!

Repurposing the content means converting the content into different forms so that you can get different types of people who are interested in the service that you are promoting.

Because, all the people are different and they enjoy consuming different types of content and this is why you can create a video, images, infographics, and blog posts for the content which will bring more traffic to your website.

#4. Turn Visitor Into Customer

You should always try to turn your visitor into a customer. A customer is going to benefit you in the long term and for which you will also have to provide him with quality information and guidance that is helpful for him.

You can use the lead magnet to convert the visitors into customers and this will be a win-win situation for you and your customer.


In conclusion, you can earn $200 to $300 from 2000 visitors per month if you choose the right product and niche from the initials days of starting your websiteThis is how much traffic a website needs to make money from the starting days of launching a website.