4 Reasons Why Are Backpacks So Expensive

You must have heard people saying the more expensive the backpack, the better and more durable it is. So, don’t you want to know how true it is?

Or, are they saying it to sell their backpack? Let’s find out why backpacks are so expensive.

Why Are Backpacks So Expensive?

To be honest, only a few backpacks are expensive at all. There are so many brands that provide amazing quality backpacks at a good price.

The backpack price depends on the quality of the material, durability, features like waterproof layers and anti-theft pockets, and other compartments that provide you easy accessibility of the stuff that makes a backpack expensive. 

But, still, backpacks are not too expensive. If you ask me, paying $50 to $120 is a good range for a backpack.

You know, one of my friends uses a rolling backpack for her college and she is just loving it as it makes it easier for her to carry her study material easily from one place to another.

She doesn’t have to carry that heavy load of the books on her shoulder and I think paying $70 for that backpack is worth it.

But if you are wondering about those backpacks that are more than this range then you should stop wondering because those backpacks are not for regular or daily use. 

Those backpacks are either the branded ones which is the main reason why they are selling them so high otherwise they provide a lot of amazing features in a single backpack.

Generally, an anti-theft backpack with a waterproof layer over it with a lot of compartments and adjustable straps along with a USB charging port will come above $120.

The North Face is a big backpack brand in the market and it is providing really good backpacks in a good range. They are providing hiking, schooling, travel, and work and office backpacks. If you ever want to go with a North face backpack that I will suggest you go with it. I have recently published a guide which will let you know how you can wash the North Face backpack, so check it now. I have recently published a guide which will let you know how you can wash the North Face backpack, so check it now.

Are expensive school backpacks worth it?

In school, we do not have to worry much about the security of the backpack and especially when we are in kindergarten. 

Although security should be a concern, spending $70 to $100 is not a wise idea for a backpack in school.

Some of the backpacks owners do claim that they had used one backpack only from kindergarten to high school because it was very durable and is still in a good condition. (heard from a seller at the stall when we were at a fair).

But this is not true at all!

We all know how long a backpack can last and what it will be its quality after 12 years of continuous use.  

The main motive of that person was to grab our attention and tell us the durability of the backpack that he is selling.

Yes! I did purchase that just for $3 but just after 1 week the zipper was completely damaged and there was no option to return it after the fair.

And when I searched for replacing/repairing the zipper I was amazed to know it will cost me around $12. (Strange. Right?)

The point here of this story is that you should not go too cheap for a backpack if you are trying to save money. 

At least go for a backpack that ranges between 20 to 40 dollars and if you want the best backpacks then you can even use the backpack for camera under 100. You can find a lot of school backpacks in this range that are durable. 

Why Hiking Backpacks Are So Expensive?

Hiking backpacks are quite different from regular backpacks. Although, a beginner will say both the backpacks look the same but there is a huge difference between both.

You may be wondering what I am saying but give me the time I will clear all your doubts.

Hiking backpacks are specially designed for hikers which let them stay comfortable during their hiking and also some hiking packs do have a water hydration system so that you do not have to stop to drink water and you can hydrate yourself whenever you want.

These are the four major reasons why hiking backpacks are so expensive than normal backpacks.

#1. Comfort And Quality

Most people prefer hiking to enjoy the thrill and adventure. You should not think of hiking as walking in the park. 

Hiking is a challenging experience and a good backpack can help you a lot in this challenge. 

You should not underestimate nature. You never know when it is going to change. 

So suppose if someone is hiking and suddenly rain starts what will happen?

Of course, he will get wet, and also the item he was carrying in it will get wet. This is the worst situation that he can face while hiking. 

Now if he has a backpack that has a waterproof layer and is built of water resistant material then the items and hiking stuff will be safe. And this is all you will find in hiking backpacks.

#2. Material 

The most important thing, when you pay for an expensive thing you are always looking for the premium quality of the materials.

This doesn’t mean that cheap backpacks are bad but the point here is that expensive backpacks use high quality and durable material to make their backpack. 

Most of these backpacks use high-grade fabrics like canvas fabric, Dyneema fabric, and polyester fabric which is water-resistant, durable, and sturdy and comes with other good attributes.

These materials make a backpack long-lasting and this is another reason why hiking backpacks are so expensive.

#3. Design and Engineering

For a good hiking experience, you need to have full comfort and access to all the stuff that you are caring for.

In this scenario, a good hiking backpack is going to help you a lot and it will take care of all the materials and will help you to hold the stuff more effectively.

Haven’t you wondered what is the thing which can change the regular Backpack into a hiking backpack?

It is the design and engineering done in the backpack. The backpacks have many compartments and storage space. Also, some pockets are designed to hold small items. 

Sideway handle, rope hanger, key hooks, and water bottle holder are some of the changes that make a hiking Backpack different from the normal backpack.

So, if you think of it then you will realize that this designing, understanding, and executive, and then working again based on feedback from hikers takes time and effort and this is why hiking backpacks are expensive.

#4. Brand and Research

Big backpack brands like Osprey, North Face, Jansport, and Fjällräven always invest time in the research so that they can bring the best backpack for you. 

This is an ongoing process to find the most effective design and efficient fabric for their backpack which is also a major reason for the backpack to be expensive.


The backpacks can be expensive but they do fulfill the requirement that you need based on your profession, trip, and distance you want to carry backpack and travel..

If you want a regular backpack or want a backpack for school then you should always buy a backpack that is not so expensive.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and this must have helped you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you pay for a backpack?

As per the research and experience, you should pay $40 to $120 for a backpack based on your requirements. Even something you will have to go with a backpack that has a price of $150 or more but it will be worth it and will fulfill your requirements.

What is the most expensive backpack in the world?

Louis Vuitton Crocodilian Leather Backpack is the most expensive backpack which is worth 70,000 US dollars.

Are luxury backpacks worth it?

Luxury backpacks are worth it but not advisable for everybody because they are really expensive and if you are hiking, camping, and even traveling you will never require such expensive and luxury backpacks. And there is no point in using luxury backpacks for school or college life.