3 Ways How To Deodorize Backpack Without Washing

When you are traveling or backpacking with your friends or mates, a bad odor from your backpack can be embracing.

This is why you are looking for how to deodorize the backpack without washing it because washing the backpack will damage the zippers or the fabric of the backpack.

In the bottom of the backpack, put some baking soda and keep it wide open in the sunlight for at least a day. This baking soda will remove the bad odor of the backpack and help in deodorizing the backpack without washing.

Also, you need to follow some steps before deodorizing the backpack which we will be discussing later in the article.

So, let’s get started.

Why does the backpack smell bad?

Before starting with the procedure it is important to know why the backpack smells bad.

To be honest there is no perfect reason for a backpack to smell but it can happen because of body sweat, food, clothes, shoes, and smoking sometimes.

The most common reason behind the bad odor from bags is the food. I have seen many people that do not close the lid of the lunch box properly due to which the food spread in the backpack. (it smells really bad)

Also, it can happen because of the sweaty uniform you put in when you were hiking, camping, or backpacking.

You must have seen sports players use the backpack to put their shoes after playing the match and this is why the dirt on the shoes makes the backpack smell bad even after the shoes are taken out of it.

How to Deodorize backpack Without Washing?

There are different ways of removing odor from the bag. The smell may present on the outside surface of the backpack or in the interior of the backpack.

This is why we are going to discuss both of them here so you can completely remove the bad odor.

So first, let’s clean the outer surface of the backpack and then start cleaning the interior part backpack.

To do so you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Get a spray bottle and mix white vinegar or dish soap with warm water.
  2. Get a clean cloth to scurb the backpack when you are spraying the mixture.
  3. If there are any difficult spot on the backpack then you should scrub it with stain remover.
  4. Dab the paper towel with Fresh Wave Laundry Booster which acts an effective backapck deodorizer.
  5. The smell from the outside of the backpack should be now removed.
  6. You should now try to remove the smell from the interior of the backpack.
  7. To clean the interior of the backpack you should use your hand to rub it.
  8. Drop almost half cup of the baking soda inside the backpack and shake it well.
  9. The baking soda will allow you to deodorize your backpack without washing it.
  10. Hang it outside, in the balcony, or in the laundry room to dry or keep it in the sunlight for a day.

Note: Do not use a scrubber or brush to clean the interior part of the backpack because the brush will damage your backpack.

How To Remove Odor From Bags?

Although there are so many ways of removing odor from the bags. But the best way to remove the odor from the bags is by pouring the baking soda inside the bag. The reason behind this is that it will not damage the bag as washing can do.

Also, there are many items and stuff like deodorizing spray which can remove the odor from the bags.

They do work but why go with them when you can do the same easily and without spending money.

There are some backpacks in the market which support USB ports to charge mobile, smartphones, and even laptops.

You should have some precautions while washing the backpack with a USB port such as removing the cable safely and washing it in the right way.

How To Deodorize Backpack Without Washing

How To Get Sweat Smell Out Of Backpack Straps?

In a bowl, get some lukewarm water and detergent to dip the whole backpack, or just strap and clean it with a scrubber. You can also use vinegar to kill the odor-causing bacteria to get the sweat smell out of the backpack straps.

The smell of the sweat from the backpack is natural because you use your backpack frequently. This is why you do not need to wash it every time, just do it when you feel it is too much smell.

You can not control your sweat and especially when you are traveling, hiking, or backpacking around the eupore. So, washing a backpack after every long trip is quite good instead of washing is after every use.


You should not wash your backpack in a washer as it can damage it badly. It is advisable to hand wash the backpack or use the above method mentioned.

Now, I am sure that you will never have to face the problem of the bad odor because you have understood how to deodorize the backpack without washing.

Let me know if you have faced such a problem earlier and what you tried for the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get sour milk smell out of a backpack?

You should use vinegar to remove the smell of the sour milk out of the backpack because the sour milk smell really bad when you mistakenly do not close the lid of the box properly.

How do you clean a backpack without a washing machine?

In a bowl make the solution using lukewarm water and detergent and then dip a clean cloth to scrub the backpack light and clean it without washing.

Should you put the backpack in the dryer?

It is not advisable to dry the backpacks in the dyer because it can damage the fabric and material of the backpack. You should wait and keep patience to naturally dry the backpack. You can hand it in the balcony, laundry, or on the roof in the sunlight.