When traveling around the world and you are at the airport or railway station the luggage is the most important thing you need to carry properly.

It gets easier if you pack most of your clothes and other items in the backpack and attach the backpack to the luggage.

If you want to know how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase, this is the right guide for you.

To attach the backpack to the rolling suitcase, you should pass the backpack luggage strap through the suitcase handle and tight it. So, it does not slip off the suitcase and stays in its position.

You should do this in most of the cases when you have a backpack with trolley sleeve. If you can not see any backpack luggage strap, you can use the other methods that we will discuss in this article.

So, keeping reading.

How to Attach Backpack to Rolling Suitcase Using Luggage Straps?

You should always look for a backpack that has backpack luggage straps so that you can use them whenever you want. This strap makes it easier to carry the luggage along with the backpack. 

To attach the backpack to the rolling suitcase using the luggage straps you lighten the straps of the backpack and pass the handle of the suitcase through it then tight the luggage strap. This method attaches the backpack to the luggage perfectly. You can also attach the tent to a backpack using these simple actionable steps.. You can also attach the tent to a backpack using these simple actionable steps..

Some backpacks do provide luggage straps that are hidden which can only be seen when the backpack is turned horizontally. 

Also, there are some manufacture those who understand the need of their customer very well. 

They design the luggage straps in such a way that you can use them as safe pockets and luggage straps as well. This type of luggage straps has a zipper on either side of the strap used to attach carry-on to luggage.

I will advise you to check whether your backpack has that luggage straps or not. If it has then just used this method otherwise you should buy additional straps to attach the backpack with luggage.

4 Ways To Attach Backpack To Rolling Suitcase

There can be more than four ways of attaching the backpack to luggage but we have the best ways that you can use.

#1. Use Belts

This is the easiest way that you can use to attach the backpack to the suitcase. 

You need to put the backpack on the top of the suitcase and use the belt to tie it to the telescoping handle of the suitcase. The best thing here is that you do not need a perfect belt with buckles to tie the backpack, you can even use the normal wardrobe belt. 

I will work fine as long as you know how to tie it right and you are sure that now that backpack will not fall off the suitcase.

#2. Use the Add On Straps To Attach the Backpack to Suitcase

There are different add-on straps for a suitcase to attach the backpack. Each one has its pros and cons.
The elastics add-on straps are quite effective for big and bulky backpacks (a hiking backpack with fewer items is a good example) because of the adjustability feature of such straps.

You do not have to worry whether the strap is big enough to go over the backpack because if it is elastic then it is quite easy to set up and attach the backpack. 

Add on straps To Attach Backpack To Rolling Suitcase

Another, type of add-on strap that you can see is the short buckled straps. The buckle is quite effective and this helps a lot in attaching the backpack. These straps can help you securely attach the backpack to the suitcase.

All you need to do is to attach this strap to the handle of the backpack and suitcase, this will hang the backpack there.

But this is not the most preferable method because the backpack with a swing sometimes when you are handling the suitcase. Also, the straps of the backpack can be caught in the wheel if you do not take care of it. 

#3. Get Bungee Cords

The bungee cord is another good way that you can use it. Although this method will not work for everyone because it is generally for small backpacks. 

You should lose the bungee cords of the backpack and pass the handle of the suitcase through it, make sure you tighten it as much as you can. This is an easy-to-use and effective method for that backpack that has a bungee cord and is smaller in isze. 

To be on the safer side, you should hold the handles of both the suitcase and the backpack at the same time so it does not slip off or trouble you as you roll it over the floor.

#4. Use hip, sternum, chest, or shoulder straps

This is the last method that I want to tell you. In this method, you use the straps that are already available with the backpack and do not want to buy the new additional straps.  

If you have a bigger suitcase then you can pull the telescoping handle of it and just hand the backpack on the suitcase’s body. 

The disadvantage of this method is that it won’t work every time and you will have to pay attention and adjust all the remaining straps of your backpack. If you gave a backpack that has a small handle then you can not use this method.

However, if your suitcase has a single-barrel telescoping handle then this can work well for you.

You can take this method to the next level by turning your backpack horizontally and pulling the handle through the shoulder straps. You should tighten the straps as much as you can so the backpack doesn’t slip off.

Also, make sure that the other straps are not hanging too low otherwise they can be caught into the wheels.

The last thing that you can use in this method is the sternum and hip belts. If you have a backpack that provides you with these straps then it is a good chance for you to attach the backpack to the suitcase.

You should position your backpack vertically so that the shoulder strap is facing the handle of the suitcase. Then tie/secure these sternum and hip belts around the handle.

Although, it will be a little loose because these straps are positioned too low on the handle. But the best part here is that you can grab the suitcase and backpack with your hands.


In conclusion, you can use the bungee cord, chest straps, hip, and sternum belts to attach the backpack to the suitcase. The best method is to use the luggage straps of the backpack and pass the handle through it.

These methods are effective for different sizes of the backpack and suitcase. So, make sure to give a try to every method.

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