You must have seen different types of backpacks and maybe you are familiar with the USB backpacks too. 

The difficult task with the backpacks with USB ports is to wash them because they have electrical devices inside them which should not come in contact with the water.

This is why you should be very careful while washing the backpacks with USB ports.

So, in this guide, we are going to cover up how you can wash a backpack with a USB port and whether you can wash it in the washer or not?

So, let’s get started.

How to wash backpack with USB port?

To wash backpack with a USB port you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. From the outer surface of the backpack, find the place where the charging port is built inside the backpack.
  2. Slide your hand over the surface to feel the USB cable.
  3. Now, hardly pinch the USB cable and life it up. 
  4. This will detach the USB cable from the port.
  5. Now, take it out from the hole given in the backpack.

This way you have removed the removable data cable from the backpack.  Now, the USB cable is safe and will remain damaged proof. 

You should now clean/wash the backpack carefully by hand and make sure you do not allow much water to flow in the port section as this can also damage the USB port.

Can you Wash backpack with USB port in the washer?

If you are thinking that washing a backpack in a washer would be easy. Then, you have been mistaken.

When you are trying to wash a backpack in the washer then it is not actually washing the backpack.

Instead, it is damaging your backpack, no matter whether it is a normal backpack or a USB port backpack.

The zip of the backpack is badly damaged if the backpacks are washed in a washer. On the other hand, if USB port backpacks are washed in a washer then it would damage the USB port.

So, it is advisable to avoid the washed-to-wash backpack with a USB port. 

Now, you know how to wash a backpack with a USB port. 

And it’s time to discuss more the backpack with a USB port and how you can use a USB port backpack.

So, let’s dive deep into the topic.

How to add a USB port to a backpack?

Once, you removed the removable USB cable from the port.  Then after cleaning your backpack you can put it back in a few steps.

  1. First, place the USB cable inside the backpack through the hole.
  2. Now, move it to the place where the USB charging port is built.
  3. When you are there, press it into the port. You will feel it when you are at the right place of the port.

How to use USB backpack?

The USB backpacks are really amazing and helpful when you are on travel. 

These backpacks work as a hero in saving your mobile phones from dying ( due to low battery) and this is why you can use these backpacks for work or office too..

But, do you know how to use a USB backpack? 

If no, then no worries. I am here for you.

You can charge your smartphone with the USB Backpacks easily in three simple and actionable steps.

  1. Connect your mobile phone with the USB of the backpack outside the backpack.
  2. Connect the USB port with a power bank. (Make sure your power bank is charged)
  3. Turn on your power bank and relax, your smartphone is charging.

Why phone is not charging with USB backpack?

You may have noticed that many people face issues while charging the phone using a backpack with a USb port.

Based on my research and the brands’ solution I have summarized the reasons why phones do not charge with a USB backpack. 

The first reason is that the USB cable may be damaged. There may be a manufacturing issue by the company. 

This is why I will suggest you buy a backpack with a USB port only from those brand reputed brands that focus more on quality than words. 

You can also check out the reviews section to get the best backpacks for yourself.

Another reason can be that the internal constant current charging circuit of the power bank is damaged.

You can try to use a new power bank, if that works then the problem was in the power bank.

And the last reason can be the cable between the power bank and charging is not connected well (or maybe damaged.)

So, make sure you check on the reason given above if you are facing the issue of charging a phone with a USB port backpack.


The backpacks are helpful to carry the accessories and especially when you are going for travels and hiking.

The USB port backpack can increase the functionality of the backpack by providing you a charging port for your electronics.

They get dirty during travel and you should clean them by washing them with your hands using the methods discussed above.

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Related Questions:

How do you use the USB charging port on a backpack?

I generally connect my phone with a USB outside the backpack and connect a power bank with a USB port inside the backpack. This helps me to sit relaxed and feel safe while my smartphone is charging.

Can you put a backpack in the washer?

It is not advisable to wash a backpack in the washer. It will damage the backpack zip, USB port, and sometimes the side mesh.

What is the best way to clean a backpack?

The best way to clean a backpack is by hand. You should prefer to wash a backpack with your hand or you can use a wet cloth to just clean your backpack.

Can I Charge a laptop with a USB port backpack?

Yes, you can charge a laptop with a USB backpack.

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