If you have a backpack with a USB port then you must want to know how do backpack with a USB work.

In the backpacks with a USB port, you have to attach a power bank to the USB port which will let you charge your mobile phone easily by keeping it inside the backpack safely.

The benefit of using a USB backpack is that you do not have to carry the charger and find the charging switch whenever you travel.

So, in this guide, we are going to know how you can use the USB port of the backpack and how to add a USB port to a backpack if want to wash it.

So, without any further delay.

Let’s get started.

What is USB and How It works?

USB is an abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus. It allows you to transfer the data between the different peripherals of the computer or mobile system. 

Such peripherals can include printers, flash drives, scanners, and other devices.

Not only this, but nowadays the charging backpack also has USB port support so you can charge your mobile any time you want. 

A standard USB can transfer the data at a rate of 12 Mbps.

The working of the USB is a little technical. So, if you want to know about it then do check out the article published by Electro Schematics.

According to arpnjournals.org, some backpacks also support solar charging to the mobile phone using the USB port of the backpack.

The solar backpack chargers are designed so effectively that they can supply regular power to the load.  This means if you use a solar charging backpack then you can easily charge your device without any big efforts

Isn’t it amazing?

Now, if you also want to know how do backpack with a USB charging port works then no worries.

I will tell you everything about it.

How do backpacks with USB work?

You should connect this extension cable to a portable power bank that supplies the electricity using the USB cable which is an extension cable within the inside of the backpack.

This electricity passes via the USB cable and then you get another cable for charging the device.

And connect the device with that cable.

Now, the electricity passes from the built-in cable within the backpack to the charging cable outside the backpack.

And this is how backpacks with USBs works.

how to use a uSB port on a backpack?

You can use the USB port of the backpack to charge your electronic device with the help of the power bank that will work as a power supplier to the electronic gadgets. You will also require the USB extension cable to attach the USB port of the backpack to the device.

You can easily add the USB port to the backpack in just three simple steps.

  1. First, get a power bank for yourself (if your backpack is a built in type).
  2. Then, place the power bank inside the mesh pocket of the backpack.
  3. Connect the power bank and the port inside the backpack.
  4. The USB port is already connected to the cable.
  5. Now, connect your mobile phone with the USB port outside the backpack

That’s it you are done. Now, your mobile phone is charging using the USB port of the backpack.

What are the types of USB backpacks?

Before we start knowing about the functionality of the USB port backpack (makes it expensive than regular backpacks).

It is important to know about the different types of USB backpacks that are available in the market.

There are basically three types of charging backpacks.

#1. Backpack with charger built in

Backpack with charger built-in is not so common because they are a little expensive.

These backpacks come with a built-in portable power bank and a cable. 

Some backpacks may have advanced technology like the wireless charger pocket which will help you on your trip a lot.

Isn’t it great?

The best example of a backpack with a charger is HEX technical backpack.

#2. Backpack with USB Charging Port

Another common USB backpack that you can see is a backpack with a charging port. 

These backpacks have an integrated USB port on the outside of the backpack.

And the USB port is connected to a cable where you can attach your portable power bank to the inside of the backpack.

The drawback here is that you need a separate portable power as most of the backpacks manufactured do not provide it with the backpack.

And also, the technology used in the USP port is outdated or low class.

So, you may be facing a problem in charging your phone if you have a new one.

The reason why this backpack is popular in the market is that such a backpack with a USB charging port is cheap and affordable.

#3. Backpack With Passthrough Cable

Backpacks with passthrough cables are a great and versatile option for charging backpacks.

These backpacks allow you to use your own cables and portable power bank.

The best thing about the backpacks is that they don’t include any outdated technology like a backpack with a USB port built-in.

This means you can upgrade the cable whenever you want.

Advantages of the USB backpacks:

The USB backpacks are really good to go with on travel trips.

The reason why I am saying this is because.

  1. You can conveniently charge your mobile phone.
  2. Your stuff will stay organized inside the backpack.
  3. You will be comfortable while carrying it.
  4. It will make your backpack an anti-theft backpack as your phone in the power bank pocket too.

How long does it take to charge a port backpack?

The charging time of the phones using the USB port of the backpack depends on some factors.

Like which type of cable are you using, what is the technology used in the cable of the backpack, and how good is your power bank.

You must fast make sure your backpack has a good quality cable inside the backpack. 

You can know more about the different types of cable and USB, type here.

If you have a good power bank and a good USB cable then you do not need to worry about it. Your mobile phone will charge in just one and a half or two hours completely.

The charging time can be reduced if you set your mobile phone on airplane mode and clean all the junk files before charging.

How to wash a swiss gear backpack with USB port?

Swiss gear backpacks are of great quality. But when you are washing it then make sure you plug out the USb cable of the backpack and then wash it by hand. 

If you want to know more about how to wash backpack with USB port then do check out this article.

How Do I charge carry on luggage with USB charger?

Similar to the backpack, the carry-on backpack can be charged with the same steps. 

Like attaching the cable to the power bank and attaching your phone to the USB port.

Most carry-on does not come equipped with power banks.

You need to buy a separate one for yourself and almost every carry-on is compatible with any power bank you choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to use a Backpack With Passthrough Cable?

Make sure your backpack is a backpack with a passthrough cable.
Now, if it is.
Then, you should find a pocket inside the backpack near the pass-through where you need to attach the power bank with it.
Now, outside the backpack, you need to connect your phone and the backpack with the cable.

What is the purpose of a USB port?

The purpose of the USB port on the backpack is to make it more convenient and easy to charge your mobile phones.
You can easily charge the smartphone by connecting the data and the power bank with the help of a backpack.


In conclusion, a backpack with a USB charging port can be a lifesaver on your travel trips. You can charge your mobile phone any time you want using the power bank and the extension cable by connecting them inside your backpack. 

The best thing is that there is no rocket science behind it, only three simple steps.

So, I hope you got the answer about how do backpack with USB work.

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